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If you play it brave and bold...

These are the streets of gold.

なかがわ 愛 II Nakagawa Ai
15 August 1989
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alfons, bedazzlers, being loli, brain-breaking, breaking the 4th wall, buying overpriced merchandise, closet manga fan, compensated dating, dating your dad, doesnt afraid of anything, dressing like its hawaii, drinking, failing at ufo catchers, getting revenge on schoolmates, giant platforms, gyaru, having weird speech patterns, hisagi shuuhei, hitting on older men, jean havoc, juke, killua, kogal, less h8 more love, love-hate relationships, not a whore srsly, not giving a damn, not studying, pandering for the lulz, para para, pissing everybody off, playing with throwing knives, rainbows, sewing, slacking off, smoking, tanning, typing with cute text